Ashraf Talaat, Worked with National Geographic Magazine, studied "Genetics" before starting his career as a photographer in 1989, after attending a workshop with the famous Magnum photographers Abbas and  Raghu Rai   

He has traveled to over 103 countries for his photographic projects covering the human daily life activities.

His work has been exhibited in several countries, and part of his photographs have been collected in two books People Through The Lens and Point of View.

He joined IBA agency in 1999 till 2006 as a photojournalist to cover five magazines, Business , Egypt Today, Le Revue, Travel Today and Carnival Arabia.

Worked with UNIDO, UNHCR and UNESCO in several projects.  

Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in Documentary and Visual Journalism in 2007.

Grand Prix of Kodak Egypt 2004

Photographer of the year award by Venice international Photo Contest 2005

102 gold medals in excellence of photography from several countries.

Tow prestigious medals from the Indian embassy for his artistic work in India 2008 and 2015

Ashraf Talaat becomes Africa IATF Goodwill Ambassador for phtography in 2018