2016 Prestigiouse Award from the Future University ( Egyptian Symbols)

2008 & 2015  2 Prestigious Medals from the Indian Embassy in Cairo for his work in India 

2011 Gold medal of humor in the Austrian Super Circuit (Austria)

2010  PSA Bronze medal in Photojounalism USA 

2009 - Glod Medal in travel photography by the Austurain super circut 2009. 

2007 - The Gold Medal in Portrait by the special theme circuit (Austria).
- Grand Prize winner in 2007 Egyptian Photographic Spciety Photo Contest.
- Gold Medal by Al-Thani Award Contest for the Arab and Middle East countries in Qatar.

2006 - 2 Gold medals by the Austrian Super circuit ( Austria)
- Bronze medal in Photojournalism By FIAP  (Portugal)

2005 - The photographer of the year award by Venice International photo contest ( Italy)
- Associatedship of the Royal Photographic Society ( England)
- 2 Gold medals by Trierenberg Super Circuit (Austria)
- 2nd prize winner in photojournalism by Photo Egypt (Egypt)
- medal in communication photograph by world of Images contest ( Austria)

2004 - Gold medal by the Hasselblad Austrian Super Circuit (Austria)
- Grand Prize winner by Kodak Egypt photo contest.
- 2nd Prize winner by the Egyptian Photographic Society (Egypt).

1994- Prestiges year award by the German Bastet Entertainment Production House 

1989- Grand Prize winner by Ain Shams University Photography Competition

1988- Honorable Mention by Ain Shams University Photography Competition 

1987- Gold medal in Photo Travel circuit by Hasselblad Middle East